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- Vosges -



Enjoy a Sauna by the wood fire

In the middle of nature!

The scent of burnt wood and the sounds of fire during a sauna session is unlike any other sauna experience!

Gite scaravella vosges roulotte lama

The wood fire sauna!

- Bathrobes, slippers and bath sheets provided -


Our Sauna is equipped with a high-end wood stove


Traditionally in the Nordic countries, saunas are heated only with a wood stove. It provides a soft and pleasant warmth which is released into the atmosphere. It is an incomparable experience to the one with different electric stoves.

The wood stove really reflects authenticity as much by its design as by its performance and by its qualities.


In addition, wood fuel is an ecological material, facilitating recycling and respect for our planet.

This heating mode also gives us complete freedom regarding the place of use.


In order to guarantee you the best experience, please let us know in advance when you want to use the sauna.


It stays hot for 3 hours, enjoy it!

The outdoor sauna, all year round!

When you enjoy a wood-fired sauna in winter in the Vosges in the middle of nature, you almost feel like in Scandinavia, in the land of the sauna! All you have to do is roll in the snow, if you dare !!

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